Bake Like A Boss

honey anniversary cupcakes

These are my favorite cupcakes.  I made these for a roller derby team I was a part of, for the team’s 2nd anniversary party last year.  They were really well received.

Vanilla Chai Spiced cakes with Honey Buttercream Icing and Fondant Bees.

  1. The cake is a recipe I found on Desserts First.  I had to adapt the chai mixture a bit, but it really worked!
  2. The icing was from Tasty Kitchen with yellow frosting gel from Wilton.  I used a #1M open star tip, and piped a twisty mountain on each.
  3. I made the bees by taking Wilton fondant, kneeding some more of the yellow gel (gloves!!!!)
  4. Then I rolled quarter-vending-machine-gumball sized balls, then pinched them between my forefinger, middle finger and thumb into a cone; flattening the fat end with my other thumb.
  5. I took some black icing gel, diluted it a little with water, then using a toothpick to “paint” the stripes on the back and a black dot “stinger” on the pointed end.
  6. After they dried, I took another toothpick to press out the eyes and smiles.
  7. I took some more of the white fondant and took teeny pieces (about the size of Israeli cous cous) for the wings.  They were formed by pinching them between my fingers and then forming a teardrop shape.  I used the blunt end of a bamboo skewer to press the wings onto the back.
  8. After the fondant bees were dried, I placed each one on various sides of the cupcakes and viola!

If you try these, let me know- send pictures or it didn’t happen!


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