Words on a Page (or Kindle Screen, at it were)

I’m starting this off with a series… one that I started 2-ish years ago.  And is almost 20 years old… Outlander.


No, not 1980’s Sean Connery as a Spaniard “There must only be one”

Or Jim Caviezel’s alien-meets-vikings…  This one is/is gonna be better!

That word makes us fan girls of all things Gabaldon gooey and 17 years old again.  You know, when you devote all your babysitting money to plaster your wall with pictures, floor to ceiling…

Yeah, it’s that good.

Now Starz is casting for an adaptation of these books, which are behemoths with page counts of 400+ each.  I am SOOOO excited about it… especially because they already cast Jamie (the hero/main male) WITH A (gorgeous) SCOTSMAN!  No forced accents a la Scotty on Star Trek or Jock in Lady and The Tramp.

(It’s jumping ahead, but check out this HILARIOUS-and .gif laden- post about Sam Heughan’s casting in this verra important role)

So, the book that started it all- Outlander (alternatively titled Cross Stitch in GB).  I first came across this book because I had reached the end (at the time) of another series (Black Dagger Brotherhood) and asked a board I’m on about what else I can read.  “It’s about a highlander with romance and adventure and it’s huge” was the description I got.

I found it in Books A Millon, where they only had one copy of each book… as opposed to the Twighlight series, which had an entire shelf per book.  I brought it home and started.

Then as fortune would have it, I started having a fever and developed a bad cold… so I was on bed rest… and read the entire book in 2 days!  1- obviously had the time but 2) it was THAT good.  Everything I like in a book-

  • mystery
  • romance
  • deceit
  • romance
  • Scotland (big part of my heritage)
  • romance
  • history
  • and a hot Scotsman as it’s main character. 

The circumstances that land Claire in Scotland 6 months after the end of WWII is romantic in itself- to have a proper honeymoon that she and Frank didn’t really get to have because the war broke out shortly after marrying; she was a battle nurse and he worked in MI6.  The circumstances that land Claire in Scotland in 1743 are a bit different… a little far-fetched and mystical, but whatever…. how else is she gonna meet Jamie?

Excuse me: James Alexander Malcolm MacKenzie Fraser, Laird of Lallybroch (or JAMMF if you’re cool like us fan girls), an outlaw Highlander.  And a fictional character that I want as my boyfriend.  Loyal, vulnerable, protective, proud, loving, natural born leader… perfect man, aye?

Anyway,  I’m not going to go too deep, or this will be as long as the book is… just trust me- this is well written and just flat-friggin-awesome.

Why gasp! you might NOT like Outlander (or the other books in the series)?

  • don’t like multiple strings in the story going on simultaneously, therefore making you pay attention to each character as they’re introduced.
  • Not really into history (and electron-microscopic details thereof)
  • Like being able to get through a book quickly.  I’m still on the 5th book (of 8 currently) a year+ after starting it… mainly because I  work 36-60 hours outside the home and, you know, have to feed my kids and stuff.

Other than that, I don’t see WHY you wouldn’t want to start in on this madness series.  I can guarantee you won’t be sorry!

If you start reading, let me know what you think!



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